My name is Madison Shumway, and I’m a writer, reader, artist, journalism major, music listener, avid tweeter, Latter-day Saint and typical INFJ. I love education, meaningful discussion, and helping people however I can. I spend way too much time scrolling through news articles—my goal is to write more of my own, as well as poetry and fiction, and to draw, paint, sculpt, and graphic design more frequently. This is a place where I can share my progress and, hopefully, interact with people who like the same things. Thanks for visiting; I hope you enjoy!

Why Hot Wire?

“When you stand on bare earth in your bare feet and lightning whips through you, two ways at once, they say you are grounded, and that’s what poetry is: a hot wire.”
— Margaret Atwood, The Door

I think good art electrifies us, shocks us, jolts us. Good words are ones that change us. They are a hot wire for our souls and psyches.

I’m trying to make that kind of art, to express myself in ways that are both beautiful and impactful. I’m trying to read and view and listen to and revel in that kind of art. Most importantly, I want to share it.